Beautiful Kinver

Beautiful Kinver

Not only does Kinver house our wonderful little shop, but it also has countless other amazing reasons why you HAVE to visit!
Did you know that the well known Kinver Edge, which boasts spectacular views is also surmounted by an Iron Age hillfort! Take a walk over the Edge and breathe in that rich history! Kinver Edge is also well known for its Rock Houses cut into the sandstone, which remained inhabited into the 20th century! If you are thinking of visiting the Rock houses, just take a look on their National Trust’s website for it’s opening times.

Kinver also has a rich history stretching from this period, through Medieval, where it is recorded in The Domesday Book of 1086- How incredible is that?!

With a village so rich in history- it’s full of quirks and beautiful places. 

If you are thinking of bringing little ones to Kinver, there is a fantastic park situated near the KSCA (where there is ample free parking), as well as a playing field and a skate park! There is also a gorgeous canal walk which loops from the KSCA all the way round to the other end of the village (near the Vine pub which offers great pub grub!). You can expect to see horses, ducks, canal badges and abundant wildlife on this stunning walk. If you’re feeling adventurous, you caul always stretch your legs to as far as they will go along the beautiful canal!

The last Saturday of the months also means Kinver Market day. This is a highlight of the month for everyone around- the street comes truly alive with stalls, street food and so many unique offerings!

So come to Kinver and see all it has to offer- it really won't disappoint!

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